The Benefits Of Fleet Insurance

If you have a fleet of vehicles for your business, you need to have them insured. It is best to consider fleet insurance instead of individual auto insurance policies for each vehicle. There are a lot of benefits of fleet insurance that will make it the first type of insurance you consider.

Everything In One Place

One of the primary benefits of cheapfleet fleet insurance is that everything will be in one place. This will reduce the amount of administration work that goes into getting and tending to your insurance. You will not have to worry about keeping track of multiple auto insurance policies as your own fleet is covered by one policy.

Policy adjustments and any renewals will be handled in one place. You will also never have to worry about one insurer offering you a better deal on some of your vehicles compared to another insurer who covers other vehicles. Adding and changing vehicles part-way through the policy will also be easier to do.

Of course, there are some people who feel that having insurance with one provider will reduce your ability to shop around. This is not always an issue because you will often receive discounts if you do not have any claims in the year. If you do have a lot of claims each year, it might be better to look for individual insurance policies instead.

The Fleet Flexibility

When you get fleet cover, you will have more flexibility when it comes to named drivers. With normal auto insurance, you need to name the driver of the vehicle and the policy will not cover claims when they are not driving. For some companies, this is impossible to maintain and will make insurance and driver management much harder.

With most policies, any authorised driver will be able to legally drive the vehicle and be covered by the insurance. Of course, you will often get a discount if you do have named drivers for the vehicles, but this is not a necessity. The flexibility offered also makes it easier to change drivers for vehicles when needed.

The Fleet No Claims

When you have individual vehicle insurance, the no claims bonus is linked to that one vehicle. With fleet coverage, this is not the case and individual vehicles are not rated. With these policies, you will generate a claims experience which means that your no claims discount will be for all the vehicles.

If you have years of no claims on your insurance, any new vehicles that are added to your fleet will benefit from this discount. This can be a major savings point when it comes to insurance and something that you cannot get with individual insurance. Of course, there is a downside that you need to be aware of.

If you have a driver with a poor claims history, this can negatively impact the whole fleet. Even after this driver leaves your employment, the impact on your insurance can be felt for years. In these cases, you will need to consider individual insurance and check the claims history of your drivers.