Mercedes Tow Bars By Tow Trust


Mercedes tow bars

At our service driven sales team is dedicated to quality service, sound advice, back up and support for our customers. Our range of Towtrust Tow Bars are the fitters favourites and are the UK’s only fully E-Coated Towbars and are without question the highest quality Towbars manufactured in the UK today.

The growing need for versatility of the car has led to an increasing demand for accessories such as Towbars. Tow bars increase the efficiency of day-to-day work and also offer many benefits for leisure activities. Whether towing a horsebox, caravan or boat, transporting bicycles or using a trailer, Toys4Cars has the towbar for the job.

There are basically four types of Towbars, with the most popular being the Fixed Flange and the Detachable Swan Neck.

We have numerous toward solutions for the Mercedes. Our range consists of fixed flanged tow bars, fixed swan-neck tow bars , detachable flange towbars and detachable swan neck towbars.

If you drive a Mercedes, tow bars can add versatility and value to your vehicle. With today’s modern engines towbars can be used add cycle carriers along with the ability to tow  everything from a simple trailer right up to a caravan or horsebox. Naturally, you want the very best for your Mercedes so the Tow bars supplied by Toys4Cars are manufactured by Towtrust who are considered by the nations fitters as the towbar of choice.