Keeping Logistics Regional: Allowing Both Trucks and Drivers to Recharge

For the past ten years the shipping industry has been moving steadily towards more regional transport. There are a range of reasons why this change is happening, it benefits drivers and also logistics companies. The main benefits of regional logistics are that drivers can go home each night, and more recently, that trucks can then … Read more

Starting a new business as Taxi Company? Don’t forget your insurance!

Starting a new taxi business presents a great opportunity for many people. Some like the prospect of being their own manager, whilst others really appreciate the flexible working hours. The taxi industry has seen an increasing demand in recent years as more and more consumers value the convenience it offers, new disruptive tech companies like … Read more

The Benefits Of Fleet Insurance

If you have a fleet of vehicles for your business, you need to have them insured. It is best to consider fleet insurance instead of individual auto insurance policies for each vehicle. There are a lot of benefits of fleet insurance that will make it the first type of insurance you consider. Everything In One … Read more

Best Personal Car Leasing Deals?

car leasing deals

Just how do you spot a good car lease? How exactly do you find the best personal car leasing deals? Leasing is often touted as an affordable way to stay current with the latest and greatest vehicles and industry trends. You get to drive a different car every few years, so you’re not stuck with … Read more

Why should you buy a pre-owned car?


Planning to buy a new car? Do yourself a favour and get a pre-owned car. Most of us love the idea of buying a new car and buying a car a significant decision as car prices are going up every day which makes its value quite high for the common man. If you are confused … Read more